Bike Tour

Yesterday I participated in the North Shore Bike Tour. It was loads of fun. With all the spinning classes I have been taking and loving, I was super excited to actually bike outdoors.

North Shore Bike Tour

We had a great time. You could either do 17.5 miles and take the bus back or you could turn around and ride back to do the entire 35 miles. I ended up doing 17.5 miles. I was disappointed in myself at first but then I realized that it was still amazing what I did and I know I couldn’t have done it just a few months ago.

North Shore Bike Tour

I burned over 900 calories during the bike ride and I had a wonderful time. I have been very disappointed lately since I seemed to have gained a few pounds back over my birthday week. I am really frustrated with myself lately. I seem to just be going through the motions and not being as precise with my calorie counting. Excuses are unacceptable at this point since I still have over 30 pounds I want to lose. I know I can get there but I have shown myself that I still really need to focus on my calories at this point. In not doing so, I allow myself to make too many excuses. One day I know I will be ready to not count calories anymore but today is not that day.

North Shore Bike Tour


  1. 17 miles is definitely a feat to be proud of. Do not discount your accomplishments at ALL.

  2. Congrats Caity! It sounds like you did awesome. And good for you for realizing how well you really did. Good luck getting back into your routine. It can be hard, but you’ve got the motivation and have already proven you can do it :)

  3. You look great! Good job on the bike tour! Keep up the great work and remember have fun!!

  4. HOLY COW, 17.5 miles?? *dies* That’s phenomenal! :D You should definitely be proud of yourself for doing that!

    You look wonderful and I know that you can totally whoop those last 30 lbs. :)

  5. I’ve been there…it will pass, I promise! Just stay focuses, even if you feel like you’re going through the will snap back!

    Congrats on losing 50 lbs; you look AWESOME!

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