Weigh In: and then I ate cake

Current Weight: 180.4 lb
Previous Weight: 183.0 lb
Weight Loss: -2.6
Weight Loss Total: -49.6 lb


I really, really wanted to hit my birthday goal of 50 pounds lost by yesterday morning’s weigh in. I was .4 pounds away and I have to say I was pretty disappointed especially since I worked pretty darn hard this week. Sure, my birthday isn’t until this coming Wednesday so I could still pull it off but I also had planned to celebrate my birthday on Friday night. That means cake.


Yes, it says Happy Birthday Baman. It’s a joke between me and my super awesome friend because of the Baman Piderman cartoon that we’re currently addicted to on YouTube. I am Baman and she is Piderman.

Anyway, I ate the cake. We also went out to dinner and I ate a lot there, too. We all did. Do you know what? I finally allowed myself to say, “Hey, do you know what, self? You deserve it. You have lost almost 50 pounds and you are celebrating your birthday so eat whatever the hell you want tonight, sweetheart!” Then I did and I didn’t feel guilty about it at all. I think I enjoyed that step forward in my emotional weight loss journey than I even enjoyed eating the food. That’s saying something because I really like food a lot. I guess that’s how I gained all that weight in the first place, though so do I even have to clarify?


So I will hit fifty pounds lost and then I will dance around kind of like I was in this picture when my friends were singing happy birthday to me. Nah, I’ll probably jump around way more than this but I’ll have to remind myself that it can’t be my most excited of jumpings because I’ll have to save that for the end goal which I will reach. That end goal is becoming clearer every single day.


  1. Happy Birthday, and .4 lbs is so close you’ll hit it in no time.

  2. That is a huge step to make in the weight loss journey. It’s important to not look as food as the enemy but as something to be enjoyed, in moderation. I’m so proud of you! :)

  3. I always tell people: calories don’t count on your bithday. Really, it’s true. If a couple times a year you eat an extra 1,000 calories, it doesn’t make any difference at all.

    Glad you let yourself live a little :)

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