Weigh In: Birthday Goal, here I come!

Current Weight: 183.0 lb
Previous Weight: 185.0 lb
Weight Loss: -2.0
Weight Loss Total: -47.0 lb

Ahh, I did it again and forgot to post on Friday’s weigh in day! Well, it was another success and brought me one step closer to my birthday goal! Just 3 more pounds to go and I’m there. I’ve got 10 days to pull it off. I think I can do it considering I have been really slacking off on my exercise over the past week or two (and today I peeked and the scale said 182.6).

Towards the end of this month I realized that it’s okay to take a day off exercising especially if your body is really aching. However, I started to make excuses and lose momentum more than I should have and my workouts have started to not be very good at all in the beginning of May. I really have to step it up if I want to start seeing results again. A good workout for me is 400 calories so if I burn less than that I know if really didn’t give it my all. I have to find that spark again.

My goal is to aim to burn 400 or more calories per day and on my off days try to at least take a nice walk or play some Wii and burn 100-300 calories since it is so nice out now. That way I’m at least moving.

April was a pretty good month for me. I lost about 8 pounds and lost a ton of inches all over. I also gained a ton of confidence and finally started feeling like, “hey, I can really do this. I can go all the way to my goal this time.” And I will.

These three more pounds will not just be my birthday goal. They won’t just be my 50 pound landmark. They won’t just be the lightest I’ve weighed since I’ve known my husband. They mean so much more than that.


  1. Yay, you can do it. :)

  2. Keep going! You can do it! :)

  3. Gogogogogo!

    You can do it :) You’re so close, and so determined. You’re gonna steamroll this goal!

  4. I need to step up my exercise with you so we can stay accountable together on MFP if you’d like. :)

    • Caity

      Set a goal that is right for you. Maybe try to beat your previous week’s goal or try to workout more days than you did last week? Something I’ve learned is you should always compare you to yourself, though! We can do this! Lets step it up! :D

      • Shouldn’t be too hard to beat last week since I only worked out once, oops!

  5. Keep it up! You’ve made great progress!

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