Weigh In: My body finally caught up!

Current Weight: 196.6 lb
Previous Weight: 200 lb
Weight Loss: -3.4
Weight Loss Total: -33.4 lb

I have been incredibly frustrated over the past couple weeks because the scale just hasn’t moved! Well, I guess I have been doing something right because my body finally caught up to itself and has started losing weight again. Starting my gym routine, then adding strength training this past week has made me feel a lot better. My clothes fit better and I feel a lot healthier. I guess my body just needed some extra time to adjust to being so active before it started losing weight again.

I was so happy to see the numbers on the scale this morning. Not only is this a really exciting occasion since I see ONEderland (the numbers on the scale no longer are in the 200 range) but I am closing in on my halfway goal of 190 pounds. I decided that when I reach my halfway goal, I am going to treat myself to a new haircut and maybe one other fun thing. Do you have any ideas? I want my rewards to be something other than food and preferably not very expensive since I’m quite low on cash these days!


  1. Get a massage as a treat; it will feel SO good and if you go to a school or training college, they’re usually very inexpensive :)

    • Ooh a massage is an awesome idea, thanks! I would have never thought of that! I have only had one massage in my life ever and I always said I wanted another one one day!

  2. Congratulations! :D

  3. Welcome to ONEderland! <3

  4. Yay, congrats :) As a treat, how about a nice day out for pampering with your new haircut. A mani/pedi or something?

  5. Hi Caity,
    So nice to meet you. :)
    I just found your blog today from Mary’s blog (A Merry Life). What caught my eye about your comment on Mary’s blog was the title of your last post about the dreaded ‘plateau.’ I have been on one for ages and came by to see what you had to say. But now I see you’ve broken that plateau and are on your way down again! Congratulations! That’s awesome news and keep up the great work.

    I, too, have recently lost about 35 lbs. I started last April and lost most of the weight from April through October and am trying to renew my focus and dedication to my plan to lose the last 20-25 lbs. to my goal. I have been told the same thing as the commenter in your previous post that I was not getting enough calories at 1300 a day and that is why I was not losing. I’m going to give myself two weeks of being ultra strict with the tracking and if I don’t lose anything I may consider increasing my calories to lose weight. Gosh, it sounds crazy just typing that!

    A massage is a great treat idea! My first thought would be to buy yourself a new article of workout clothing that’s really flattering on you even if it is expensive. You’ll feel great wearing it and it will only inspire you to workout more often and harder! How about a sexy new bra? A pedicure? I’ve only had one in my life and I loved it. I just don’t spend the money on that kind of thing.

    Keep up the good work! You can do it! :)

    • Nice to meet you too! Welcome and thanks for your comment! I have been researching a lot about eating more during plateaus or zigzagging calories and it actually makes a lot of sense.

      I love the idea of a new workout bra or some new workout gear. Things like that will definitely last and are definitely motivating! Thanks for the idea!

  6. Congrats YAYY!!! Massage is totally a great idea.

    • Thanks! I know, a massage is what I’m definitely leaning toward!

  7. Oh congratulations! That is so awesome. :) I think it’s a fantastic idea to treat yourself. It’s so important to reward success. Maybe not with food though LOL

  8. Yay! Well done, hotstuff!!

  9. Congratulations on all your success! You look fabulous!!!

  10. Congratulations Caity! It must be a real relief and you must feel so proud of yourself for getting into the 100′s. :D

    I think you should treat yourself for a manicure! Or perhaps a trip to a national park or something like that. It would be lovely to walk around the bush – you’d have photo ops and also keep fit. ;D

  11. Yay! Well done! I knew you’d get there in the end.


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