Joining A Gym

I have been thinking about the first steps I need to take to get fit. Last time I lost a great deal of weight, I did it by keeping a food diary on MyFitnessPal as well as exercising.

Joining a gym will be my first step. But I have a couple options and I’m not sure which to pick!

OPTION ONE:¬†Join my favourite gym. It’s a big gym with lots of classes that I want to take. The gym itself kept me motivated last time because I enjoyed it so much. It’s a little bit of a drive, but it’s near my best friend’s house who would join with me. It’s also kind of expensive.

OPTION TWO: Join a new gym that opened by my house. My parents want me to go there with my sister. It has less classes but still does have classes that I like. Plus my parents offered to pay for me and my sister if I promised to be her gym buddy.

Part of me just wants to get both, but that probably isn’t practical. What would you do?


Day One

I’m Caity. I’m on a journey to find happiness.

What is happiness? I think that everyone¬†would define happiness differently, but I’m sure we all know what the feeling of happiness feels like.

I think happiness is being content with yourself and the world around you.

What makes you happy?