Day One

I’m Caity. I’m on a journey to find happiness.

What is happiness? I think that everyone would define happiness differently, but I’m sure we all know what the feeling of happiness feels like.

I think happiness is being content with yourself and the world around you.

What makes you happy?


10 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Can’t wait to see you on your journey 🙂

    I think what definitely makes me happy most right now is my stability. It’s something I wanted for a really long time and was lucky enough to find it.


  2. For me happiness is also being content with oneself and the world around you. Also happiness is just being with someone you love even if it’s only for a short time before you each have to say goodbye again. (ay, LDRs)


  3. Happiness is doing/having whatever makes you happy, whatever it may be (so long as it’s not hurting anyone). I’m trying to focus on my health (general, not weight/size) this year because I’m definitely happier when I feel good. I keep meaning to get on my blog and rant about it, but I’m too busy being happy colouring lol.


  4. So many things make me happy. Quite time after my work day and before the hectic evening starts has been key for me lately. Whether it’s browsing on my phone while laying on the bed or just resting my eyes for 30 minutes or staring out the bedroom window with my cat. Cassidy knows to leave me alone for about 30 minutes. I re-center, recharge, and then run off into the afternoon rush.


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